A Designer Concepts


ADC- A Designer Concepts is a creative architectural interior design firm that specializes in restaurant design, commercial design, and luxury residential design. We are a full-service design company that provides design, planning, and project execution services to deliver turnkey results. Our approach to design considers how to optimize the functional use of indoor and outdoor space along with developing a signature brand experience.

Our design portfolio features our wide range of design diversity. We have extensive experience working with restauranteurs and commercial investors to develop unique brand environments with distinctive designs.

We design luxury residential properties that accommodate to our client’s lifestyle and express their individual aesthetic.  Our design team works closely with our clients from concept development to the final turnkey results. We focus on the details.


Our philosophy centers on developing timeless interior designs specific to our client’s design vision, functional needs, and budget. We value building relationships with our clients and work collaboratively to develop our client’s design vision. We focus on providing quality service from initial meeting through project completion.

Avihay Shuker

Avihay Shuker is an artist, architectural interior designer, and founder of A Designer Concepts. He has extensive design experience in the areas of commercial and hospitality design. Since 2009, Avihay has built a diverse portfolio of design projects throughout Florida and the United States. As a consultant, designer, and concept developer, his designs consider your brand image and how to optimize efficiency through interior design.

“My objective in every project is to translate my client’s unique design vision into a high functioning design. I collaborate with my clients to ensure the design concept reflects their individuality and elevate their designs with innovative approaches and signature details.”

Angelica Shuker

Angelica oversees the design firm’s administrative and operational activities. She leads the project management, procurement, and logistical teams. Passionate about innovative designs and artistic finishes, she works with the curation team to source the most current design elements for commercial finishes and lifestyle products.  Angelica is a solution oriented critical thinker with a fine eye for design details.